"I am what is around me." Wallace Stevens, The Collected Poems

Waves-Patterns-Particles, Changing States of Water, Alluvial Attraction, Abstraction / Form / Flow, Channeling The Force, Charting The Invisible, Navigating In The Dark , Reflections and Refractions: Required courses at the Mississippi River School. Observations and experiences in the way of water launched a lifelong quest for truth about beauty and dynamism and forces within nature.

art galleries

  • MC Ginsberg: Objects of Art, Iowa City


Capturing Unseen Forces, an article by Pamela Eyden about the nature of my work can be viewed in the 2012 January-February issue of Big River Magazine. >>view pdf

Art Talks with Bruce Carter -WVIK

A live conversation between artists; featuring painters, sculptors, musicians, arts administrators, poets, and others from around our region.